Transport in London from the airport/ port/ train station

Transport in London

London is one of the most cosmopolitan and cultural cities in the world. It gathers a large number of different ethnic neighborhoods. It gathers over 300 languages and more than 270 nationalities.

With a population of over 8 million, London has organized a very structured transportation network. Even if we speak about rail, air or road transport, London offers public (Underground Buses,  Docklands Light Railway, London Underground, DFT…) and private options.

What does it mean transportation in London? It includes all types of transport operators and different destinations. Buses, metro, trains, bicycles, taxis are always at the disposal of every local or tourist to respond to all needs:

  • Double-decker buses are quick, convenient and cheap to travel around the city and you can easily admire the sightseeing along the way.
  • London Underground (“The Tube”) helps people travel to and from central London and is very popular among people staying in the UK capital.
  • Docklands Light Railway serves the East and the South East of London.
  • River bus services is an excellent option if you want to avoid traffic and admire the views that London has to offer.
  • Local trains help people travel across the city and beyond The Tube.
  • London trams run in parts of south London and the services are frequent and accessible.
  • Accessible public transport offers a friendly guide and is also addressed to wheelchair travelers.
  • London Cycle hire scheme offers bicycles in order to get around the town. And the first half hours are free!
  • Taxi include from minicabs to black cabs. You can travel easily and with great comfort by taxi. The routes are well known and the services very professional.
  • Emirates Air Line Cable Car offers outstanding views over Greenwich and East London.

We have describes you the transportation network options in London. We saw the possibilities of traveling around the city. But you might be wondering what should you do to get to and from the airport, port or train station?

It is well known that, when we travel, even if it is for work or for pleasure, we have often at least a luggage. In the most cases, it`s heavy and we feel tired, we just want to arrive at our final destination (home if we are a local but we arrive from vacation or to a hotel if we are visitors).

Because London is a very big town, in each port or airport, it offers many possibilities in terms of transportation to and from the airport/ port/ train station: Car rental, Trains, Underground, Buses and coaches, Taxis and minicabs, Chauffeur services, Cycling.

Taking into consideration your budget and your options, you can choose a cheaper option (bus, train, underground…) or a faster and most comfortable transportation method (minicab or black cab). London addresses to all pockets and to all tastes.

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