Around 19 and 21 December 2018, following reports of drone activity along the runway, hundreds of flights were canceled at Gatwick Airport near London, England. The incidents caused significant damage, impacting around 140,000 travelers and 1,000 airlines. It was the greatest disturbance since the 2010 eruption of lava from an Icelandic volcano. A drone enthusiast and his wife who lived near the airport were detained by Sussex Police on 21 December, but released without charge on 23 December, having been cleared of any wrongdoing. Sussex Police said in April 2019 that the disturbance might have been an internal work

Drone Accident at Gatwick

Sussex Police’s handling of the investigation has been criticized. One of the suspects ‘ employers said he was at work when the incidents occurred and accused the force of ignoring his attempts to contact them about the alibi. He told a publication that “While there was a total lack of evidence, the police tore his house down. I know it’s going to kill him emotionally… Sussex Police have dropped the ball on that.” Upon discovering that they were drone enthusiasts who lived near the airport, the police had detained the couple.[19] In a statement, the pair said they feel “fully humiliated” by police and media interference into their lives

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